Quantum provides bespoke solutions for development and upgrading of integrated management systems. Our approach focuses on the optimum adoption of requirements including:

  • IMO’s ISM and ISPS codes
  • ILO’s MLC requirements
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, 45001 & 27001
  • OCIMF’s TMSA and SIRE 2.0 requirements
  • Rightsip & Dry Bulk Management Standard

“Cognitive Management System ©” is the concept developed by Quantum for the creation and upgrading of Management Systems.
The Cognitive process, the characteristics of today’s Maritime Professionals,  take center stage in the design process.
System architecture for optimum system-human interaction is key to the successful implementation of any Management System.

Our guiding principles for management system architecture and development include:

  • The design to take into account the ability of the human mind to absorb and retain information.
  • The system to be designed around the “users”. i.e. The information finds the user and not the other way around.
  • The language to be simple, clear and consistent. Every word counts.
  • Layout to be logically structured with enhanced use of symbols, images & infographics.
  • The system to be easily updated.
  • To make use of proven, robust IT technology.
  • Users to find necessary information fast with minimum training.
  • Adherence to well thought of Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

“Managing the human element” takes center stage in the design, development, integrating or upgrading of Management Systems.