We develop bespoke Performance Monitoring Applications to fit the needs of our clients.
How? By addressing the needs of the Company and its stakeholders in a clear and simple way.

To improve means to perform better and, performance = measurable result (ISO 9000:2015).

The application aims to give a meaningful answer to seemingly simple questions such as:

  • How are we helping with the sustainability effort?
  • Are we safe?
  • Are we a  “Quality “ Company?
  • Are we better from last year?
  • How are we doing compared to others?
  • How good are we maintaining our vessels?
  • Which of my ships is performing better?
  • Where should we invest for improvement?
  • Is our system EFFECTIVE?
  • Are we getting better?
  • How do we demonstrate how good we are?

Our application is designed to embrace seamlessly relevant industry requirements and best practices related to performance measurement. For example:

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics
  • EU Taxonomy Regulation
  • Poseidon Principles
  • The Sea Cargo Charter
  • OCIMF’s Marine Injury Reporting Guidelines
  • TMSA
  • IMO’s Green House Gases Emissions (GHGs)including EEOI, ESI, EEXI etc.
  • PSC Deficiency ratios
  • OCIMF’s Retention Rates
  • IMCO KPI’s
  • MARPOL annex V (Garbage)
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001

TMSA 3 KPI 1.4.2 requires: “HSSE performance targets are continually monitored against KPis.”

And in the best practice guidance states:

“Performance is monitored against objectives using a computer-based system. Significant deviations are promptly reported to senior management. Performance data is readily accessible to all company personnel.”

Our “KPI Application” is developed to generate VALUE more than just compliance.